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“One step at a time is good walking.”


Our Events



Walking: the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise.

Our Events

Welcome to our World

it’s a way of life.

About Us

The club started by pure chance .Two friends decided to turn their lives around and get out of night clubs and into nature.

Our Events

We are a social walking club for everyone who wants to get off the couch and in to nature.
Our walks range between 5km and 10km and we focus more on finishing rather than finishing first.
As the name says we are the Un-Fit Hiking club and we do not race to the finish line.
We try and keep as many of the events within a 50km radius of JHB and Cpt however we do, do overnight hikes as special events.
Our walks are family friendly and a safe environment to walk in.

Our Cause

We care about domestic and wild animals and their well-being is a really big deal to us at THUHC and therefore we don’t charge a club fee however we do ask our members to please donate Pet Food , blankets and toys  that the club distributes to animal shelters.
Our next big initiative is to help wild life by doing snare removal walks and create a general awareness of what is going on in our Game Reserves.
We help where we can and any difference that we can make is always well received.

Shop Online

COMING SOON, THUHC will be adding merchandise that is exclusive to THUHC, it will be available online! “What kind of merchandise?” you may ask – we shall reveal that surprise little by little as we build our online shop!  Follow us on social media to be the first to walk through its virtual doors!